EMCElectronic Music Collective, LLC

Founded by a group of like-minded musicians and producers, we set out to develop a organized effort for proliferating electronic music to our local community and around the world.

Our members feature music industry talents from Seattle to London, and range from digital performers to promoters to authors. Compilation records ave been released in addition to produced events ranging from integrated audio/visual stage shows to hosting educational performances on the techniques of surround sound performance and live visualization.


An independent record and promotion company begun to represent personal productions, but it has grown to promote an array of hip-hop and groove music.

Begun in 2005, the business has released a number of records. Most namely was the premier from Los FancyLadz, “The Audio Circus.” In addition to album releases, the company has backed video production, and events of all kinds. Overall, the business is dedicated to collaborative efforts and unmatched professionalism.

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Formed in the summer of 2004, the band has gone through a remarkable evolution. We now have a full discography and television features. Los FancyLadz is an perfect example that with the right management anything is possible!

What made success were two things. First, the project had a solid theme to work with, and the marketing resources grew with the project. The music mirrored the theme, the art mirrored the music, the website mirrored the art, and the marketing tied the whole package together into a "Fancy" lifestyle for commercial proliferation.

"At this point I have almost become more of a businessman than a musician."

In the pursuit of my music career, I have worn many hats. Most of us have to do that in the northwest because the organization of the local industry is not as available as in the major markets.

The obvious reaction is to build your own company. Not only in publishing, but organizing organic events and having a legitimate corporate support; it's the necessary infrastructure to realize a career in the music business.

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