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Tony and Julian Gavilanes are the creative duo behind Los FancyLadz, having begun their musical journey at a young age, surmounting a performance style and musical repertoire that truly honors their broad history of sibling antics. With influences ranging from PT Barnum to Outkast, LFL sets their audience up for a genuine spectacle of musical entertainment. Onlookers will ride from the depths of absurdity to the heights of social responsibility for a concert experience that challenges the norm, and themselves, in a multitude of ways.

Formed in the summer of 2004, Los FancyLadz' first EP release was honored with Top-Five submission to the College Music Journal national listing and their debut music video, "Northwest," was submitted to the 2006 Emmy Awards by cable television show Video Undergound. At the crux of 2006, LFL released their premier full-length album "The Audio Circus," which harnessed a broad array of genres under a theme of solid grooves and loose styles. The combination of LFL signature lyrical syncopations and dense layers of harmony enhance the musical environment of the record, surpassing expectations of hip-hop enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

What really sets Los FancyLadz apart is that as of current, they have taken their back tracks and gone completely to the drawing board, reproducing them with the talents of a remarkable group of live musicians and forging forward as a fancy BAND. This live force advocates the group's infinite flexibility on stage, being able to reinterpret their music on the spot and truly connect with the soul of the audience each time out. What you will hear is a harmonic perspective on hip-hop, having roots in funk, rap, pop, soul, electronica, indie, and Latin music. One thing is for sure, Los FancyLadz innovatively mix their singing, rap, musicianship, and dancing with the band and DJ to produce a concert atmosphere of infectious energy at every concert.




From The Audio Circus by Los FancyLadz.

2005 – Silliness EP
2006 – The Audio Circus
2007 – EMC v.1 (compilation)

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