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Formed in 2002 between the Audio Recording school Instructor at Fairhaven College and two students, Asymmetry became a study in hyper-acoustics. Anton Wishik met his two students Matt McGovern and Tony Gavilanes and prompted them with the ridiculous ideas that he then called music, which consisted of anywhere from 10-20 individually-wrapped musical ideas that had no cohesive connection whatsoever... It was a challenge for Tony on drums, and it was a challenge on bass for Matt, but it was really an experiment, and everyone was excited.

Rallying Kristen Allen-Zito on vocals and Jeff Fisher for a time on keyboards and electronics, the group went into the recording school they called home to track their premier album. The self-titled release was met with mixed reviews from the community, as were the band's concerts. In this man's opinion, I don't think even I ever understood what we were setting out to accomplish... That being said, we played numerous shows in the northwest circuit, sharing the bill with other "math rock" bands like Minus The Bear.

Fisher left the band before the booking of Asymmetry's first west-coast tour, self-booked by the Tonys. Starting from home in Bellingham, WA, the group made their way through Oregon, California, and Nevada before heading home. Asymmetry was finished just two years after conception with one last jam sesh at the storage unit with the originating members: Tony, Matt, and Tony.

From Asymmetry by Asymmetry.

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