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Some say a legend, some say a lie, but the truth lies some where in between. Raised by a pack of wolves? Born on the open range, learning the "Cowboy hero code" at a young age? Or seven men born into middle class families in Everett Washington? I'll let you be the judge.

Our story starts with a man named Tony Peters who in his sophomore year at Jackson High. Tony had a dream; to take his band geek friends and start a band. At the time this project seemed impossible so the idea was forgotten. Then a year later these six band geeks went to a local Halloween concert. It was this night that these dudes would realize that starting a band would be possible. One night after a high school basketball/pep band event that these men got together. Powered by Red Bull energy drink and Tang, the first Subunit 1 song was written. With Todd Sipe on bass, Craig Nettelbladt on guitar, Dean Westling on Trombone and bgv's, Kasey Batterman on trumpet, Ryan Kelly on Drums, and Tony Peters on Vocals, "Open Plains" was born. Though this was only the beginning Tony Peters soon left the band to pursue other things. Dean took on the role of lead vocals.

Four months later the band had its debut at the Jackson high school 1999 talent show. The songs played were "Dying Disease" and a cover of "Unite" by the Supertones . A short while after this, drummer Ryan Kelly announced he would be moving to Alaska, so the drummer hunt begun. The first choice was Tony Gavilanes and with much enthusiasm he accepted. Soon Dean and Kasey realized that the horn section needed a third member, so they called up long time friend Adam McFarlin and offered him the role. The last member of the band to join was Kyle Batterman the guitar legend at our high school, and Kasey’s older brother. After 2 years Craig, our good friend and long time guitar player left the band. The spot was filled with the energetic and ever funny, all around great guy Nick Nelson. Now Su1 is complete. When asked about the motavation of the band Dean replied, " I think we all just want to play good music and have fun. We are just a group of good guys who are looking to have a good time with good people.”


From All American Gyros by Subunit 1.


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