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(episode 1)

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So this is the first episode of "El Mundo Real - Ecuador" (or 'The Real World - Ecuador')

In Episode 1, Tony and Lacy find themselves in a beautiful house surrounded by the flora of the entire world! It's the house of Tio Fernando and Tia Ceci about 15 minutes outside the limits of Quito..

Due to the beautiful - and out of the way - setting, this palace was equipped with the bare essentials: water and electricity. Telephone service is still about two to three months away from reaching their location, and internet... well, let's just thank goodness for the internet cafe at the bottom of the hill. On one beautiful day, we walked from there back to the house, and as the video explains, we were caught in the afternoon rains. Suffice to say that the Andes squeeze out much bigger drops than Seattleites are used to.

This house was designed and built mostly by my Uncle himself seeing as he had to fire the contractor for refusing to stick to its original design. And he also fired the original architect for the same reasons. Needless to say, his house is absolutely beautiful. Just down the road are the mansions of Sixto (a former president of Ecuador), and Guayasamin (one of our favorite and most famous Ecuadorian artists - painting to left).

We spent about a week out here enjoying cafe' con leche (hot milk with nescafe) and queso Gonzales, fresh herbs from Ceci's garden, and their two senile pups: Crusty and Claus. We have also been practicing our Spanish and both Lacy and I are becoming quite accostomed to the language. Maybe in future posts, we will show you our stuff.

At the end of our stay we departed to my Uncle Fernando's hotel in Atacames.


POSTED: November 12, 2008