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"Cruise - Week 1"
(episode 13)

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Our heros finally arrive at the holy land, their Holland America 16-day Cruise. Departing out of Chile and traveling down through the Straight of Magellan and the Chilean Fjords, stopping at a couple small cities until they reached Ushuaia, Argentina (the southernmost city in the world!). Absolute luxury, incredible views, and an average of 7 meals a day... this is the first half of our Cruise adventure.

Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile
1 At Sea
2 Puerto Montt, Chile
3 Darwin Channel and Chilean Fjords
4 Amalia Glacier and Canal Sarmiento
5 Strait of Magellan
5 Punta Arenas, Chile
5 Cockburn and Beagle Chanels
6 Ushuaia, Argentina
7 Scenic cruising Cape Horn

-----WEEK 2-----
8 Pt. Stanley, Falkland Islands
9 At Sea
10 At Sea
11 Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 Buenos Aires, Argentina
13 Montevideo, Uruguay
14 At Sea
15 At Sea
16 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Anglemo Market" - Puerto Montt, Chile

"Statue of Magellan " - Punta Arenas, Chile

"Whichway" - Cerro La Cruz, Punta Arenas, Chile

"Avenue of Glaciers" - Beagle Channel, Chile

"Sunrise in Patagonia" - Chile

"The Captain's VIP Party" - Somewhere in the Fjords, Chile

"Islands at the end of the world" - Ushuaia, Argentina

POSTED: April 22, 2009