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(episode 7)

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We're finally setting off on the road!

Our backpacks are loaded down and we have our itinerary set. We bought our first bus ticket from Quito, Ecuador to Lima, Peru for tonight at 2:AM... It's a 34-hour ride I believe, but Ormeno busses (which travel the lengh from Venezuela to Chile and Argentina) seem to have quite nice ammenities for long travel. They are two-stories with dual bathrooms, couches up front top-side, and newer coaches than most of the other companies. The price was, however, more than we expected.. $81 per person.. Generally, we found that bus travel in South America was equivelent to $1 per hour of travel. Some borders are otherwise...

We'll most likely edit some "El Mundo Real" videos once we get on the cruise (March 1), but until then, most likely just blog text and photo updates, due to shabby internet connections. Check out entry 6 for our itinerary to see where we'll be when, and we'll holla a'tcha from there!

POSTED: February 4, 2009