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"Cruise - Week 2"
(episode 14)

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Following through, Tony and Lacy visit Stanley in the Falklands where they find the holy grail. Then they meet Peggy (Tony's mom) in Buenos Aires after two days of partying at sea. This episode is the longest of all, but rich with the best times a ship can offer...

Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile
1 At Sea
2 Puerto Montt, Chile
3 Darwin Channel and Chilean Fjords
4 Amalia Glacier and Canal Sarmiento
5 Strait of Magellan
5 Punta Arenas, Chile
5 Cockburn and Beagle Chanels
6 Ushuaia, Argentina
7 Scenic cruising Cape Horn

-----WEEK 2-----
8 Pt. Stanley, Falkland Islands
9 At Sea
10 At Sea
11 Buenos Aires, Argentina
12 Buenos Aires, Argentina
13 Montevideo, Uruguay
14 At Sea
15 At Sea
16 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Antique War Gun" - Stanley, Falkland Islands

"Shipwreck" - Stanley, Falkland Islands

"Magellenic Penguins" - Stanley, Falkland Islands

"Streetpose" - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Cafe Tortoni" - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Parillada" - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Tango Lesson" - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Evita Peron's Tomb" - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"String Bikini" - Montevideo, Uruguay

"Lacy the Mermaid" - Montevideo, Uruguay

"Formal Night" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Rocking the Crow's Nest" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Last Night's Sunset" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Tony" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Lacy" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Peggy" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

"Last Night Verandah Party: Justin, Edwin, Kim, Lacy, Tony" - At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

POSTED: May 2, 2009