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"Salar de Uyuni"
(episode 18)

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"Painted Desert" - Bolivia

Finally we get to the empty station, which has our coach parked in back. Making sure our bags got inside, we boarded to seats 1 and 2... right in front of the couch benches lounge area. I say to Lacy, "I just hope this doesn't backfire and there's a bunch of rowdy people who post up here. Ha!

"Painted Desert" - Bolivia

Fortunately there was no gang of noisy people, not to say that it wasn't noisy. There was one guy, about 30, who loaded up front even before the bus had begun to move. Then he starts talking to himself, yawning like a rhino, and flipping his shirt, shrugging his shoulders uncontrollably, twisting his neck, talking under his breath, singing short breaks, looking around insatiably, drumming the table, opening his handbag, dropping the keys, sniff sniff, closing the bag, singing... Lacy leans into me and says, "Man, coke heads are a stoner's worst nightmare..." And she was right. This guy tweaked out the entire ride, changing positions, leaving, coming back. He had these hotel shampoo bottles full of a red liquid, he'd pop them once an hour and gag on the flavor, whincing between his huge yawns.

"Train Cemetary" - Uyuni, Bolivia

I mean, how fun can it be to fly high as shit on a 28-hour bus ride without having slept in what seemed like four days (based on the relativity to the weekend)?

"Niirvana Lacy" - Salar, Bolivia

Now, he really hadn't done anything dangerous aside from making me want to stab him with my toothpick, but you can't keep your attention off of a freak in front of you who thinks he's riding with a busload of pals. It's remarkable how deep in his world he was. The couple sitting behind us came up front for a moment and after loaning him a key to rip open another of his bottles, they were scared off. He was too intense. Fucking guy kept mumbling some awful tune and rolling his eyes back in his head. You don't want to stare, for sake of awakening some temper, but you can't get this Bolivian coke-headed asshole out of your periphery. You have no idea if this guy's gonna creep up during the night with one of his trillion brilliant ideas.

"Handstand Tony" - Salar, Bolivia

I'll say this: I hate coke, and I hate coke-heads worse...

"Play on Scale" - Salar, Bolivia

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POSTED: May 26, 2009